Company Profile:

In the year 1989, Rev. Eddie S. Borja, the owner of Edhawa Enterprise,was looking for remedies for the illness of his wife Sis. Belen M. Borja. She became the inspiration why Edhawa Oil, the first of Edhawa products has been brought forth. By God's will and blessing, Edhawa Oil was successfully tested by Sis. Belen. She eventually gain strength and her sickness was cured.From then on, Pastor Ed Borja continued to look for treatment for his wife's other ailment thus resulting the formulation of other Edhawa products. In due course, the line of Edhawa products were introduced. In 1990, Edhawa Oil, Colon Cleanser, Cough Syrup and GKUB flush were launched and during the succeeding years, other products were introduced such as Teaktona,Oleifera, Feralant, Chiriant and the latest of these is the Glurasin, it has been effective in maintaining the blood sugar of Sis. Belen. Since 1990, Pastor Borja has been able to help most of his members on their infirmities. The products became well-know because members of Pastor Borja's congregation, their relatives and other people have already proven their effectiveness. Since 1990 until the formal establishment of Edhawa Enterprise in 2008, the number of people who were hopeless in their condition and suffering were greatly increase through the use of natural Edhawa Products and because of the power of our lordJesus Christ. Presently, Edhawa Enterprise has nine (9) products and still moving forward to further develop its line of products to enhance its effectivity.